HAH Handle (no remote frequency switch)


Vacuum with the comfort of an ergonomic hose handle that properly attaches to accessories and wands. HAH Handle attaches any Hide-A-Hose hose. There is no on/off switch on the handle so to start and stop the suction simply pull the red lever in the HAH valve.

All HAH systems have the option of upgrading the a handle with an on/off switch by utilizing powerful remote control frequency (RF). Turn the vacuum on and off no matter where you are in the home without having to run back to the valve to press the red lever. The products you need upgrade to RF is the RF Handle with Receiver.

* Note: Hide-A-Hose Inc offers a manufacturer warranty for up to 1 year on this product. More information regarding the specifics of their policy is available on the Hide-A-Hose website.

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