HAH Handle (with Remote Frequency Switch)


Enjoy an ergonomic hose handle and the wonderful convenience of being able to start and stop the suction from anywhere in the home. This hose handle sends an RF signal to the RF receiver near the main central vacuum tank in the garage or basement. Multiple handles can be used with one RF Receiver.

The HAH Handle with RF attaches to end of Hide-A-Hose hose. Wands, accessories, and vacuum tools can be used with the handle (however only turbo air driven brushes such as the TurboCat are compatible for carpet cleaning, not electric vacuum nozzles).

Handle includes replaceable battery Style 23A 12-volt alkaline.

* Note: Hide-A-Hose Inc offers a manufacturer warranty for up to 1 year on this product. More information regarding the specifics of their policy is available on the Hide-A-Hose website.

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