EBK 360 QDC Battery Powered Brush/Wand/Charger


The EBK 360 Battery Powered Brush and Wand Basic Kit is an effective and efficient cleaning set that will help you maintain a deep clean of your home, while using rechargeable power. If you have a Hide-A-Hose, non-electric, or low-voltage installation, this combination is key to your ultimate home cleaning strategy, allowing you to enjoy the deep cleaning benefits of a high powered electric brush. This is essential if you have carpeted areas in your home!

Product Highlights

  • The 360 degree brush head easily increases the range and coverage of your cleaning space, allowing you to clean more with just a single sweeping pass.
  • The EBK 360 QDC Wand utilizes a lithium-ion battery that allows for continuous cleaning for up to 50 minutes with full electric power.
  • The five height cleaning settings on the brush allow for deep and extensive cleaning for any flooring.
  • Incorporating this combo kit with a Hide-A-Hose or non-electric system creates more power than an air-driven power head, thus negating the need to upgrade your system.

Please note that each item in this kit is required for the setup to work. You will need to purchase this combo if you don’t already have one or more of the items.

Replacement Items Sold Separately

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